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What is Isme Azam


What is Isme Azam and How it is extracted?

        An IsmeAzam is generally a set of Almighty Allah’s  two or three  names.   At times, it may comprise only  one sacred  name.  
It is extracted by carefully counting values of various HARUF (letters) in an individual’s name. 
After getting  the ‘Total’ , we consider the Almighty Allah’s 99 beautiful names and try to select those sacred names which make a numerical sum equal to the Total of the individual’s name.
Besides that, it is ensured that at least one of the selected names is compatible with the SURNAME (first letter of the individual’s name). This set of Allah’s names is called Isme-Azam. While reciting Ismeazam, the compatible name, invariably, leads other names included in the set of  Isme Azam.
Reciting own Ismeazam is the easiest and quickest way to seek Allah Kareem’ kind blessings and get rid of one’s difficulties and problems. However, to get maximum benefits from Ismeazam one should say his prayers regularly.

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