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 About Isme Azam – Allah’s names

 Question No 1. What is Isme Azam and how it is extracted?

Answer: An IsmeAzam is generally a set of Almighty Allah’s  two or three  names. At times, it may comprise only one sacred name. It is extracted by carefully counting values of various HARUF (letters) in an individual’s name. After getting  ‘Total’ , we consider the Almighty Allah’s 99 beautiful names and try to select those sacred names which make a numerical sum equal to the Total of the individual’s name. Besides that, it is ensured that at least one of the selected names is compatible with the SURNAME (first letter of the individual’s name). This set of Allah’s names is called Isme-Azam.

 Question No 2. Do we have to read “Ya” with every name while reciting Isme Azam? Can we add “AL” in the beginning? Tell in brief, how we should recite Isme Azam.

Answer: Allah’s names (in an Isme Azam) are to be read along with the word “Ya”, as “Ya Rahman” or “Ya Raheem”. It is not necessary to add “AL” in the beginning or “O” at the end.

Let us take an example. Recommended Isme Azam (for brother Adeel) is Aziz-Majid-Malik. He will recite it as “Ya Azeezo –Ya Maajido –Ya Maalik” in one go (with a slight imperceptible pause in-between first and second, second and third name). This will be counted as one (Aik bar). To complete his count of “25” after every prayer, he will have to repeat this set of Allah’s names seven times with attention and respect. It is essential that while reciting, one should keep his/ her mind focused on the MAQSAD or purpose, firmly expecting Almighty Allah to accept their prayers.

 Question No 3. What is “Total”? Has it some special significance?

Answer: Total number is to be recited at least once, ideally on the very first day. But, it is not essential that the total should be completed in one sitting. As far its significance, Isme Azam is selected on the basis of this number. We have selected the Almighty Allah’s names Azeez-Majid-Malik because sum of all Haruf in this set equals Total of Adeel Hasan’s name that was 232.

Question No 4. What is TABA? Why is it important that both Individual’s name and Isme Azam should be compatible?

Answer: TABA (nature) of Haruf is important because similar natures help while opposite natures resist or oppose each other.

You might have noted in the foresaid example that first letter of both Adeel and his Isme Azam begins with “A” actually (AIN) in Urdu alphabet. As a matter of fact, while extracting Isme Azam for Adeel Hasan, there were many sets of (Allah’s names) before us that matched the total but the foresaid set was selected in view of its compatibility (of TABA), the most crucial aspect for an Isme Azam to be effective. You may realize that selecting an Isme Azam keeping in mind the compatibility, is quite a difficult task.

Question No 5. Is pronunciation important while reciting Allah’s names?

Answer: Of course we have to pay special attention to pronunciation. Names mentioned in above example will be recited as: Azeez (not Aziz), Maajid (not Majeed), Maalik (not Malak). Brothers/ sisters are requested to be very clear about pronunciation. Correct pronunciation adds to efficacy of Isme Azam.

 Question No 6. If unfortunately some one misses his prayer, can he recite his Isme Azam?

Answer: Yes, of course. But, as a matter of fact, maximum benefits are received by those who are regular in prayers. Besides, Allah’s names can be recited in any part of the day or night.

 Question No 7.  What is the benefit of reciting Isme Azam?

Answer: Almighty Allah Himself has asked His slaves (human beings) to seek His mercy through His beautiful names. (Quran, Aaraf-180).

As received through various established Ahadis also, Huzoor (S.A.W.W) has recommended to beg favours of Almighty Allah through His beautiful names.



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