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In response to a request to a request from brother Muhammad Arif, we suggested the following Ismeazam:
Ismeazam ” Ya Majeedo -Ya Razaqo -Ya Hakeem ”
First Day 443 times (recite names slowly, as written)
Later, daily after every prayer at least 38 times
-Darood Ibrahimi at least once before and after
-Recite for any legitimate need with Faith & Confidence in Allah Kareem.
-Plz say your Prayers regularly.
——Subsequently, Muhammad Arif
sent following Comments a couple of days before.

Thank you brother.
Two questions, please elaborate.
1. There are many combination words which are equal to 443, like “Ya Moeedo – Ya Shaheedo” “Ya Salamo – Ya Raqeebo” “Ya Mohaimino – Ya Sabooro” and many other 3 words Asma as well but why did you choose only “YA MAJEEDO – YA RAZAQO – YA HAKEEMO”?
2. What is the reason behind 38 times?

Our reply to Muhammad Arif is given below. Which indicates that while responding to brothers/ sisters requests for Ismeazam, we put in our best to suggest the most appropriate set of Asmae Hasna.

“Great. All sets indicated by you totaled 443, individually. You are right, there can be multiple sets of Ismeazam for a name (person).
1. (i) It is Okay..if you do not have any other option.
(ii) TABA becomes different. Does not have any Ismepak, matching your Taba, Aatshi.

(iii) It is fine but I do not suggest the second name generally because of hardness.
2. Ismeazam suggested by us catered for your TABA, total of course equaled your name’s count i.e 443 and the last most important fact which we consider for all “Brothers” when available, it contained “Razaq”.
3. Ilmul Adad is based primarily on numbers 0-9 which have specific characteristics each. Your name’s total is 443 which when added makes 11=2. Adad 38 when added to each other also becomes 2. It is your lucky number also.
Note: I normally do not engage in such discussions due to my other commitments. Hope my above explanations satisfy your queries. WassSalam.

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We Care AlHamdulillah-Which Nobody Can
  1. Mohammad Naushad says:

    Assalam walekum
    Mera naam Mohammad Naushad hai mujhe apne naam ki adad or isme azam janna hai or padne ki tariqa bhi batay

    • allahsnames says:

      Mohammad Naushad
      Ismeazam ” Ya Maliko -Ya Razaqo -Ya Mujeeb ”
      First Day 453 times (may start after Isha or Fajar prayers)
      Later, daily after every prayer at least 21 times
      -Any Darood at least once before and after
      -Recite with full faith in Allah and pray Him humbly to fulfill your desires.
      -Say your Prayers regularly.

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