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Isme Azam

“Beautiful names of Allah” are  a sacred gift from God Almighty, for  all  Muslims, to resolve their problems.

 Haj-Umra First Thing First

Brothers/ sisters should send their FULL original name (First + Second name) through Comments Box at the end of this page preferably with their own e-mail address.

(Nicknames, Caste, subcaste  like Syed, Sheikh, Khan etc are not counted while extracting Ismeazam.)

Please Note that “Incomplete or partial names are ignored”.

► Efficacy: Isme Azam (Asmae Hasna) help  to resolve problems of the person  reciting  them. In the displayed verse, Allah Kareem, Himself invites to submit prayers through His Beautiful names (Asmae pak). Speciality: We try to suggest Ismeazam Roohi from  99 Names of Allah Kareem as educated by Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq, Alhamdulillah. Besides that, We always keep in mind Nature or TABA (Aatshi, Aabi …) of the person.


- While suggesting Ismeazam, (if need/ requirement not mentioned by brother/ sister), we focus on Rizq, Job, Progress for brothers – Marriage, Love, Peace in the family, for sisters.


The Most Comprehensive and Authentic Explaination of the Quran!
Tafsir Ibn Kahtir (10 Vol)


A normal computer or Ism e Azam calculator counts only Adaad in names and suggest equivalent names of Allah To get your Ismeazam (Asmae pak) enter FULL name in the box below. You can see/ find Ismeazam on the same page where the name was entered .  

Note:-Ismeazam (Allah’s names) can be recited with or without “O” at the end.

►Ismeazam (Asmae pak) in your Email Box also: In view of persistent difficulty by brother/ sisters in locating Ismeazam on relevant page, we shall now try to deliver the Ismeazam at their email address ALSO. To maintain Privacy for Sisters, Ismeazam are now sent to their email Inbox only. Please check your Ismeazam in your email INBOX or Junk/Spam folder.

►  Last Word: Brother/ sisters should write only ONE name in the comment box.  Please Note that “Incomplete or partial names will be ignored”.

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Isme Azam
  1. adnan from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India says:

    mohd adnan ali tell me my ism e azam.

    • allahsnames from Peshawar, North-West Frontier, Pakistan says:

      mohd adnan ali

      Ismeazam ” Ya Mujeebo -Ya Nooro -Ya Allah ”
      First Day 377 times (recite names slowly, as written)
      Later, daily after every prayer at least 26 times
      -Any Darood at least once before and after
      -Recite for any legitimate need with Faith & Confidence in Allah Kareem.
      -Plz say your Prayers regularly.

  2. Saba Mubarak from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan says:

    ASLAM O ALAIKUM ….My name is Saba Mubarak .

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